Sahil International (PNP)


At Sahil International (PNP), we manufacture and export bed, sofa, and furniture throws. Inspired by contemporary design concepts and trends, our throws feature comfort and style adding vibrant presence to a living room.

As a leader among throw manufacturers in India, we thrive on making our production process as sustainable as possible. Over time and now, we prefer natural fibers such as cotton and wool, natural dyes, and recycled yarns for manufacturing soft and lightweight throws.

Diversity and superior quality are selection parameters for the base fabrics, fibers, and yarns. We use a variety of cotton fabrics, 100% organic cotton, satin weave cotton, jersey-knit cotton, moleskin, poplin, pointelle, and piqué fabric, as composition of our throws. We also produce wool, acrylic, polyester, fleece, flannel, linen, chenille, and yarn-dyed throws.

Our in-house team manufactures knitted, weaved, and crocheted patterns like plaid, striped, plain weave, geometric, dobby, jacquard, mesh, quilted, herringbone weave, honeycomb, or waffle texture, in our throws. We also provide different fringing patterns like tassels, embellished, or beaded for the throws.

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Our throw collection displays an interplay of colors ranging from plain white, ombré, single color to multicolor. Buyers can expect different finishes for our throws, such as fuzzy, smooth, satin-like, or velvet finish. As our experienced artisans are adept in printing techniques like hand block prints, we can also custom print throws as per our buyer’s requirements. It is our specialty to customize tailor-made throws comprising preferred size, shape, style, technique, fabric, finish, or weight.

Our throws feature long-lasting durability, warmth, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant, fade-resistant, and anti-bacterial. They are hand or machine washable and come with a wash-care label. Amongst the leading throw exporters in Panipat, India, we adhere to international industry standards and are compliant with the international certifications required for our Panipat manufacturing unit. We look forward to interacting with buyers across the globe and aim at fulfilling their requirements in the domain effectively.