Sahil International (PNP)


Sahil International (PNP) manufactures and exports an assortment of basket types – hinged, closely or loosely woven, sacks, framed, folding, partitioned, hanging, bubble, handled, handcrafted, braided, decorative, and multicolor. Our expertise lies in the production of multi-purpose baskets.
To ensure our baskets are easy to carry, we attach handles and adjustable or non-adjustable straps as preferred by our buyers. In addition to open storage baskets, we offer baskets with lids that serve the purpose of long-run storage. Manufactured in the city of weavers- Panipat, our baskets offer varying textures like smooth, hard, and flexible. Innumerable basket designs are created using diverse weaving practices like braiding, knitting, and looping.
We are renowned jute basket manufacturers; however, we also manufacture baskets made from cotton and wool. We procure only high-quality raw material for developing finished and handy baskets. Our multi-purpose baskets, irrespective of the material used do not fade or rupture when washed. We use only natural dyes for manufacturing colored baskets, as a sustainability initiative.
Mostly, baskets are used either for storage or laundry purpose. Our manufacturing process is designed to produce high tensile strength and durable baskets. Therefore, such features allow customers to use them at home and also carry them to beaches. Our basket makers have rigorous weaving experience and are well versed in diverse weaving techniques.

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We rank high among basket manufacturers in India because our manufactured baskets are sturdy, durable, easy to clean, odor & breakage free. Bubble baskets are useful for storing as well as washing veggies.
Our designer baskets are adored as a home décor item. They come in a wide variety of shapes like cylindrical, round, oval, rectangular, and angular. As a leading manufacturer, we offer comprehensive customization of our baskets. We customize basket specifications of dimensions, shape, design, pattern, material, weaving, dyeing, and attachments as per the buyer requirements. We would love to hear from buyers worldwide to address inquires in the domain.